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Zulu & Zephyr Creme Knit
Zulu & Zephyr Creme Knit

Zulu and Zephyr —

Zulu & Zephyr Creme Knit



If we had a dollar for every time someone asked us on Instagram if they could purchase this lovely knit before our site went live, we would probably have at least $20 by now.

We secretly wished we could keep this jumper and didn't have to sell it to you.  JK.  We're so happy this is going to go to a lovely home. This super cosy, loose knit, slightly balloon sleeve knit from Z&Z needs no more kind words.  It is simply the best and looks good with pretty much everything and looks good on absolutely everyone. Yes. EVERYONE. 

RRP $300
WFG $200

Loved - great condition, only worn a handful of times

Candice O'Rourke