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From our website, unfortunately not. We recommend buying a brand or style that you know suits you, and you are familiar with the brands sizing.

Feel free to shoot us an email at, and we will try to help you find the size that suits best.

We are a social enterprise that commits 100% of the profit from every item to charity. We make this commitment as soon as your order is processed and the funds are distributed to our charity partners each month, therefore we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges. However, you can return the item and we are happy to offer you a store credit valid for 12 months from time of purchase.

We change our charity partners every quarter. Currently 100% of profits for this quarter are going to Share the Dignity.

Not at the moment. As we operate as a social enterprise and not a registered charity, we do not have DGR status.

100% of profits is what is left after you pay fixed costs, staff, operating + administrative expenses (all the things that keep a business operating).

We run Worn For Good to be as lean as possible in order to donate as much as we can. What that means is; the more support we get from our customers through sales, the more we’re able to donate.

At the end of the financial year after our quarterly donations, we sit down and go through our profit and loss statement, and whatever additional profit we’ve accrued, goes to our charity partners. 

If you are a talented, enthusiastic and skilled professional who's interesting in joining the team or lending a hand, please get in touch. We could use assistance in the areas of copy and feature writing, photography, graphic design, social media, marketing, e-commerce, administration and accounts.

We’d love to talk with you!  Please send us an email at

Music to our ears! Here are some guidelines that should help you in determining what to donate.

Yes, this is something we are able to offer on a case by case basis if the resale price is above $500.  Please email us at and we can chat more about it.