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A day in the life of sunshine girl, Elle-Louise Burguez


Based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, artist, musician and all round style muse, Elle Musa walks us through a day in her heart-filled, colourful life.


Lately I have been waking up, not looking at my phone for as long as I can and cuddling my boyfriend.
I am always trying to remember my dreams when I wake up. Sometimes they are very spiritual and about my friends and loved ones.
Then I drink heaps of water and get up.. I am a bit of a water freak and drink reverse osmosis water. 
Most days I do a short workout, 10-20 mins of either butt or abs on youtube.
I shower and do all my skin care things- My skincare ritual makes me feel very calm and lovely.

I then make a big berry smoothie with raspberries, cacao, cinnamon, medicinal herbs and many other yum things.
Whilst I drink my smoothie I go through all of my emails and write down what I need to do for the day (I LOVE doing this lol).
Then I will either work on the computer for the day, write music or paint in my small studio.
I just released a new series of works called "Peace and Flowers" and I felt so peaceful and happy whilst making it. 
It really proved to me that making art is what I love to do best and I feel so lucky I get to do it.


Usually whilst working I will look at social media too and find inspiration from beautiful photos of design and ancient art etc.
I really want to not look at my phone much though and I find if I play a podcast (I have been loving Modern Love) or music on spotify I am less likely to reach and scroll.
When it was warm I used to swim every morning or afternoon and I can't wait until it feels warm enough to do that everyday. It is so healing.
I am always snacking throughout the day on chocolate and I will eat some cucumber etc for lunch, leftovers or sometimes a sandwich. 


By the afternoon I will then start planning dinner.. I have many simple pleasures in life and this is one haha!!
I'll prep dinner and finish off any extra work and either see friends or just chill and watch netflix.
Nothing too exciting here but I do find a lot of joy in the simple and am really trying to be grateful everyday no matter how much anxiety may come up.
I find I compare myself to the idea of others lives and it is just not good for the mind. 
We are all probably feeling quite the same at the moment, a little bit nervous about the future and sometimes lost.
I think the best thing we can do is always come back to what we are grateful for, pause for a moment and breathe, listen to uplifting music like gospel music and make sure we are laughing with loved ones throughout the day and being kind to everyone we come across. 
This is when I should watch the sunset at the beach and I haven't been doing that lately.. I will try to get back into nature more!!


After dinner which is usually something to do with potatoes- I love to watch Gaia documentaries with my bf.. we love learning about healing devices, ufos and hidden technologies. 
It is actually very inspiring to watch. Sometimes we paint together too which is really special. We should do this more.
The power went out the other day and we sat and played scrabble for a couple of hours.-so much better than being on devices! 
And before I sleep I always read or just sit with my thoughts and calm my mind :) 

xxx Love Elle

Elle is wearing a SIR the Label dress from their edit on Worn for Good.