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As a small start-up, we seek to build a community of people who believe in our vision to make meaningful change. There are plenty of ways you can support our efforts. With your help, Worn for Good can have a far-reaching impact.

Here’s how...

1. Have a browse on our online store and add to cart. It feels good, to feel good about shopping.

2. If you are a brand, store, designer or creative and are looking for a way to responsibly manage excess stock, or simply want to donate items, please send us an email to We can save you storage space in your studio or warehouse, and help you achieve greater social and environmental impact.

3. If you’re a kindhearted individual with a wardrobe full of designer clothing, for the love of GiGi, please get in touch. Think of us as your fairy guilt-mothers, here to pair your high-end but not-as-loved-as-they-should-be pieces with new owners for great causes. If you would like to donate clothing, see if they fit the WFG requirements here.

4. If you are skilled in the areas of copywriting, photography, styling, event co-ordination or e-commerce and would like to donate some of your time, please send us an email at

5. If you like what we are doing and have the capacity to help, please contact us to make a donation to help us grow! With your support, we have grand plans to play a key role in the sustainable fashion movement, whilst reaching our total fundraising target of $100,000 by the end of 2023.

*social enterprises do not qualify for DGR status, so donations made to WFG are not tax deductible.

Our customer service hours are……

Monday — Friday
3pm — 5pm AEST

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