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About Us.

Fashion from the past, impacting the future. 

What if you could shop and have a positive impact on the world around you? Worn for Good was born as an antidote to fast fashion and a vote toward a more circular economy. We extend the life of clothes, to extend the life of our planet. 

The cherry on top? 100% of profits are donated to charity. Through generous donations from our brand partners we are able to offer new, sample and pre-loved pieces like new clothing from Australia’s fashion heavy weights and donate the entirety of our profits to a new cause each quarter. If you know of a charity that needs our support please don’t hesitate to contact us at as we explore a new cause each and every quarter. 

Since our inception we’ve raised $54,271 for charity and kept 1034 kg of clothing in circulation. 

100% of profits are currently going towards Share the Dignity in their mission to support menstruating people and trying to bring an end to period poverty.

We invite you to shop for the world you want. Shop for good.

Life can be overwhelming. When we think too hard about the state of our earth, the plastic in our oceans, the issues of waste and landfill, or the millions of people without the resources they need, it can be easy to  feel helpless with where to start or what to do. We want to remind you that in the smallest ways, we all have the power to help change the world. Your purchasing power can directly impact the world around you and the lives of those who need it most. Whether we like it or not, each time we purchase something  we are casting a vote, whether positive or negative, toward our collective future. 

At Worn for Good it is our vision to encourage people to buy smart, considered pieces that they will love for longer. Forget this season, last season or any season. It is our firm belief that if you focus on choosing timeless pieces that align with your personal style you’ll wear and love them for years to come. Our intention when curating our collections,  is to give you the opportunity  to shop for good. To cast your vote, and cast it well, toward a more circular economy. The cherry on top? 100% of the profits  support charities that are generating social and environmental change. Thanks to the incredible designers and brands we partner with, and to you for purchasing, we are able to donate the entirety of our profits to a new cause each and every quarter.  A feat which wouldn’t be possible without you!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead.

As always, big thank you to our brand partners which you can read more about here.

Worn for Good is a social enterprise that gives back 100% of profits to charity, but what does that actually mean?

Worn for Good is a social enterprise that gives back 100% of profits to charity, but what does that actually mean?

100% of profits is what is left after you pay fixed costs, staff, operating + administrative expenses (all the things that keep a business operating).

We aim to donate roughly 30% of the purchase price of each garment to our charity partners.

We run Worn For Good to be as lean as possible in order to donate as much as we can. What that means is; the more support we get from our customers through sales, the more we’re able to donate.  At the end of the financial year after our quarterly donations, we sit down and go through our profit and loss statement, and whatever additional profit we’ve accrued, goes to our charity partners.

Read more about our IMPACT here.

The causes worth buying for.

We believe that empowering communities, alongside regenerative solutions for the earth are the two most effective investments that we can make as a community. That’s why we partner with a new charity each quarter that works to improve the lives of vulnerable communities as well as our planet. Every purchase made at Worn for Good not only grows the movement towards a circular economy, but also creates positive community and environmental impact.

We’re so proud to announce our Q3 Charity Partner for 2023 is StreetSmart. 100% of profits raised during this quarter will be donated towards StreetSmarts Making-a-Home Project.

StreetSmart is founded on the belief that everyone deserves a safe and secure home. Fundraising to support vulnerable Australians grappling with rental stress, reduced meal intake, and difficulty affording basic needs that transform a place into a home. This initiative lends a helping hand to individuals escaping domestic violence, those recuperating from natural disasters, or individuals transitioning into stable accommodation following experiences of homelessness.

On any given day, over half a million households in Australia are struggling to put food on the table, those with children are being hardest hit. The rising cost of living is the most common reason that families are struggling to put food on the table, with increased cost of food, energy and housing contributing the most *Foodbank Hunger Report. OzHarvest is a leading food rescue organisation on a mission to nourish our country by stopping good food from going to waste and delivering it to charities that feed people in need. Their vans can be found across Australia each and every day collecting surplus food from their network of donors, including supermarkets, cafes, delis, restaurants, corporate kitchens, airlines, hotels and other food businesses. Every $1 donated to OzHarvest allows them to deliver two meals to people in need.

Children’s Ground is creating change with First Nations communities, where children experience disadvantage at disproportionate levels. As a community-led organisation, Children’s Ground is building on the strength and culture of people and creating genuine, long-term opportunity. By working with every child in every family, Children’s Ground is working with communities as they change the future for the next generation.

2022 saw the devastating effects and escalation of international armed conflict in Ukraine. Millions of people fled into neighbouring countries with only what they could carry whilst millions more were displaced within Ukraine. The humanitarian needs still grow every day, with many struggling to afford basic necessities. Some are now returning home to badly damaged or destroyed houses, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure. Health facilities are struggling to cope, and critical medical supplies are scarce.

Since 2010, WCS has worked tirelessly to protect and support women and children escaping homelessness, domestic and family violence. To date, WCS has helped six different communities establish and open crisis shelters to provide more safe havens and additional nights for vulnerable women and children at risk. Their vision is to expand our network to at least 10 shelters across NSW by the end of 2020, all linked together through technology, shared purpose, operational guidance and support. Learn more at

Look Good Feel Better is a free national community service program run by the Cancer Patients Foundation, dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side effects caused by cancer treatment. Women, men and teens participate in practical workshop demonstrations covering skin care, makeup and head wear, leaving them empowered and ready to face their cancer diagnosis with confidence. --"Look Good Feel Better receives no government funding, so the generosity of organisations like Worn for Good is imperative to ensure that all women, men and teens undergoing treatment for cancer across Australia have access to a Look Good Feel Better workshop and a Confidence Kit, free-of-charge". -- Learn more at

Greening Australia has been restoring and conserving Australia’s unique landscapes at scale with practical action for over 37 years and is focused on tacking Australia’s greatest environmental challenges including saving the Great Barrier Reef, tackling climate change, reversing the decline of our threatened species, supporting Traditional Owners aspirations for restoring country, creating sustainable cities for people and wildlife, and supporting regenerative agriculture and forestry systems. Their mission is to conserve and restore landscapes at scale through collaborative, science-based and innovative conservation programs. Learn more at

The situation in Afghanistan is only worsening, with extreme political and social instability, together with food scarcity and drought, means more than half of Afghanistan’s population is facing starvation, quickly becoming one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Women for Women are working to provide emergency relief to the millions of displaced women, children and families in Afghanistan.

Like Women Up North, we too believe in the empowerment, safety and equality for all women, children and young people. Women Up North is a Northern NSW service for women, children and young people who have experienced domestic or family violence or abuse. We are based in the Northern Rivers, working from Grafton to Tweed Heads.

As a small start-up, we seek to build a community of people who believe in our vision to make meaningful change. There are plenty of ways you can support our efforts. With your help, Worn for Good can have a far-reaching impact.

Here’s how...

1. Have a browse on our online store and add to cart. It feels good, to feel good about shopping.

2. If you are a brand, store, designer or creative and are looking for a way to responsibly manage excess stock, or simply want to donate items, please send us an email to We can save you storage space in your studio or warehouse, and help you achieve greater social and environmental impact.

3. If you’re a kindhearted individual with a wardrobe full of designer clothing, for the love of GiGi, please get in touch. Think of us as your fairy guilt-mothers, here to pair your high-end but not-as-loved-as-they-should-be pieces with new owners for great causes. If you would like to donate clothing, see if they fit the WFG requirements here.

4. If you are skilled in the areas of copywriting, photography, styling, event co-ordination or e-commerce and would like to donate some of your time, please send us an email at

5. If you like what we are doing and have the capacity to help, please contact us to make a donation to help us grow! With your support, we have grand plans to play a key role in the sustainable fashion movement, whilst reaching our total fundraising target of $100,000 by the end of 2023.

*social enterprises do not qualify for DGR status, so donations made to WFG are not tax deductible.