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Our Impact.

The causes worth buying for. 

Every purchase made at Worn for Good not only grows the movement towards a circular economy, but also creates positive social and environmental impact.

We’re so proud to announce our Q1 Charity Partner for 2024 is Share the Dignity. 100% of profits raised during this quarter will be donated towards Share the Dignity, an organisation that exists to support women, girls, and anyone menstruating who finds themselves in vulnerable situations across Australia.

Here's the money we’ve raised, updated quarterly.


Total Amount Raised


We've raised for Womens Community Shelters


We've raised for Women for Women International

StreetSmart, Making a Home.

The Making a Home project supports people who are fleeing violence at home, recovering from natural disasters, or moving into accommodation after experiencing homelessness.

To date, this project has supported 265 households with $226,000 of funding.

Securing any type of affordable housing is incredibly difficult, especially for those on a low income. When affordable housing is eventually secured, it is crucial that people are supported in making their house a home, and avoid going into immediate debt when purchasing essentials like furniture, white goods, or kitchenware and tenancy bonds.

$9,000 raised for Street Smart


OzHarvest is a leading food rescue organisation on a mission to nourish our country by stopping good food from going to waste and delivering it to charities that feed people in need.

Every $1 donated to OzHarvest allows them to deliver two meals to people in need.

OzHarvest is a leading food rescue organisation on a mission to nourish our country by stopping good food from going to waste and delivering it to charities that feed people in need. Their vans can be found across Australia each and every day collecting surplus food from their network of donors, including supermarkets, cafes, delis, restaurants, corporate kitchens, airlines, hotels and other food businesses.

$8,670 raised for OzHarvest

The Red Cross Australia, Turkey-Syria Earthquakes Appeal.

Provides emergency relief and longer-term humanitarian support to people and communities affected by this unfolding crisis.

With the WHO reporting that the death toll is expected to exceed 50,000 and an additional 26 million people are estimated to be in need of assistance across both countries, our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Turkey and Syria.

Funds raised will go towards the large scale rescue operation as well as providing emergency relief and longer term humanitarian support to those severely affected.

$1,182 raised for The Red Cross Australia, Turkey-Syria Earthquakes Appeal.

Children's Ground.

Children’s Ground is a First Nations-led organisation, working alongside communities and their strengths to create lasting change.

$50 contributes to ongoing building maintenance to ensure children are afforded the best, comfortable and supportive learning environments. 

Children’s Ground is creating change with First Nations communities, where children experience disadvantage at disproportionate levels. As a community-led organisation, Children’s Ground is building on the strength and culture of people and creating genuine, long-term opportunity. By working with every child in every family, Children’s Ground is working with communities as they change the future for the next generation.

$6,752 raised for Children's Ground.

The Red Cross Australia, Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Provides emergency relief and longer-term humanitarian support to people and communities affected by this unfolding crisis.

The Red Cross teams are on the ground providing first aid, supporting health facilities with medicines and equipment, providing families with food, shelter and hygiene items, delivering much-needed water, and repairing vital infrastructure.

$1,300 raised for The Red Cross Australia - Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Womens Community Shelters.

Protecting women from homelessness and domestic violence.

$50 provides a hot meal and a safe, comfortable place to stay for one night.

Currently in Australia, existing services cannot meet the overflowing  demand for crisis accommodation for women who are homeless. More than one in two women across Australia who seek a bed in a crisis shelter are turned away every night, mostly due to a lack of space. And these are just the ones who find out they can ask for a safe place to go.

$10,900 raised for Womens Community Shelters.

Women for Women International.

Helping millions of Afghani women, children and families living in fear and conflict.

Money raised helps Women for Women provide emergency relief to the people of Afghanistan. 

The situation in Afghanistan is only worsening, with extreme political and social instability, together with food scarcity and drought, means more than half of Afghanistan’s population is facing starvation, quickly becoming one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Women for Women are working to provide emergency relief to the millions of displaced women, children and families in Afghanistan.

$10,383 raised for Women for Women International.

Look Good Feel Better.

Helping cancer patients face their diagnosis with empowerment and confidence.

$50 provides one home-delivered Confidence Kit, which includes skincare and make-up products, along with instructions and guidance to  help patients feel empowered about managing their changing physical appearance when undergoing treatment for cancer.

“I walked in hiding behind a scarf and walked out 10 feet taller. I paraded around town hoping to bump into someone I knew as I felt so good. This lifted my morale so much that I’m sure my whole body has reacted to help me get through the rest of my treatment". 
- Margaret, LGFB participant.

$2,551 raised for LGFB.

Greening Australia.

Environmental restoration and education, carbon sequestration.

$50 = plants enough trees and shrubs to store 1 tonne of carbon dioxide.

Like Greening Australia, we too believe that people thrive when nature thrives. Greening Australia is not only leading a native seed and replanting program in the wake of the Australian fires, but also has programs that work to restore the reef, endangered animals, and rebuilt land and habitats all over the country.

$4,327 raised for Greening Australia.

Women Up North

Assisting women and children experiencing domestic or family violence or abuse.

Like Women Up North, we too believe in the empowerment, safety and equality for all women, children and young people. Women Up North is a Northern NSW service for women, children and young people who have experienced domestic or family violence or abuse. We are based in the Northern Rivers, working from Grafton to Tweed Heads.

$206.70 raised for Women Up North.