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Why we're donating 100% of Profits this quarter to Children's Ground


Children’s Ground is a First Nations organisation creating a different future for First Nations children - futures filled with possibility, opportunity, promise, hope and justice. For this quarter, 100% of profits made from the next three collections will be donated to Children’s Ground.

Worn For Good exists to provide conscious shoppers with high quality clothing that is already in existence, to advocate for responsible fashion and for a circular economy, and to build a community of like-minded individuals who seek creative ways to positively impact the world.

More than this, however, is our inherent commitment to support projects and charities that are generating immense positive change, both environmentally and socially. With the help of the generous leading Australian brands we partner with, we donate 100% of our profits to a cause we care about each quarter.

We’re excited to announce that for this quarter, 100% of the profits from our next three collections will be donated to Children’s Ground.

What is Children’s Ground?

Led by First Nations communities, Children’s Ground is a First Nations organisation that is helping to create different futures for children - futures filled with possibility, opportunity, promise, hope and justice.

Children’s Ground walks alongside First Nations communities in the Northern Territory, delivering services across learning, health, economic development and community wellbeing, combining the expertise of First Nations knowledge systems with international leading practice.

Children’s Ground vision is for a future where children, families and communities live free from economic poverty, with dignity and justice. In this future, First Nations people can achieve their goals, have a strong connection to their culture, and have agency over their future – socially, culturally, politically and economically. Children’s Ground wants Australia to know and celebrate both the history and future of First Nations people.

Children’s Ground is making an impact: 

Designed, governed and delivered by First Nations people, Children’s Ground monitors and evaluates the impact and outcomes of their approach with a comprehensive Research & Evaluation Framework. 

Supported by ABS Census Data, Children’s Ground was associated with a huge rise in early childhood engagement in Kakadu. Children’s Ground’s 2019 Evaluation Report covered the period of 2014-2016 in Kakadu West Arnhem, and included the following key findings:

100% of children engaged with their first language, and alongside their families participated in cultural learning;

86% of families reported an improvement in their children speaking their first language; and

100% of children who undertook Children’s Ground’s formal learning demonstrated increased nutritional intake, and both health behaviours and knowledge.

Through tracked research, evaluation, experience and action, Children’s Ground is positively impacting the lives of children in communities where hardship and injustice are most prominent.

How you can help.

100% of profits made from the sales of the next three Worn For Good collections will go directly to supporting Children’s Ground. Exquisite, quality-made and timeless new and preloved designer apparel has been generously donated by the following brands:

By investing in quality-made designer pieces from these leading Australian brands, you’ll also be supporting the incredible work done by Children’s Ground for children and families facing greater barriers to living to their full potential; voting with your dollar for the kind of world you wish to live in; and helping to create a positive impact through considered purchasing decisions - an impact we would not be able to make without you.