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WFG Woman. Jade Gillet, co-founder & creative director of Rainbow Studios


Meet Jade Gillet - the Co-Founder & Creative Director of Rainbow Studios, a creatively driven concept store in the heart of Darlinghurst. A beautiful and unique space filled with local and international artists, designers and handcrafted, custom products.  

We had the pleasure of shooting three friends, Jade, Roberta and Dom at Rainbow Studios for our Ukraine Crisis Appeal Collection. We sat down with Jade to hear about her journey in building Rainbow studios, the key to cultivating creative community and the advice she'd give to her younger self.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the journey behind Rainbow Studios?

I'm London born and have been in Sydney for the last 4 years. I see Australia as my home. It's been such a beautiful journey creating a new life here and I feel like this is where I'm meant to be! 

RAINBOW STUDIOS has become an artisan showroom and it grew from an idea that my partner Goldie had during lockdown which quickly came to reality. We knew we needed to find a home for the jewellery brand Henson & Henson and Gold as the brands have grown and evolved over the last couple of years. The iconic 'blue building' became available and we just knew the potential it had to house such creativity. Goldie and I started to design and build the space with our vision and from there our ideas to create a home for the jewellery but also a place for discovery for artisans locally and internationally. We renovated the space throughout the whole lockdown which was extremely testing but it's been the most amazing feeling opening our doors and welcoming our community inside to experience what we have to offer.

Since opening our doors in September last year we have been lucky enough to work with some of Australia's incredible Artists and designers, hosted incredible events and have seen our space change to suit our clients which has been amazing to see. It really is an interchangeable space and there is still so much more to come from us! 

Best antidote for a creativity block?

Removing yourself from that environment that is causing the block. Get out into nature, relax, unwind, smile, laugh and spend time with people that really understand, motivate and inspire you to be the most creative version of yourself.

In work and life, you’ve cultivated a beautiful community abundant with creative, inspired and successful women.  What inspires you most about the women around you?

I'm a person that really needs to be around my women. The energy and spirit that women bring to each other is like no other. Women are so inspiring in so many ways and I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented, powerful, beautiful women that genuinely just love and support each other. We are each other's cheerleaders in life and I really believe that the women in your life become like sisters and that sisterhood is so special. I also need to be around my women to soften and to fall back into my femimue as sometimes running a business and having a lot of responsibility can make you tougher. We need our girls to laugh and dance around with and release the stress and to have those very important vinos!

Can you share with us any events or collaborations coming up at Rainbow Studios we won’t want to miss?

We are fully booked with every exciting exhibitions and events for the rest of 2022. We've been overwhelmed with the love and support from the art world and we are so excited to be working with up and coming as well as established artists and designers this year. We are very excited to be working with my dear friend Hannah Carrick for her first solo show in Sydney this September. A very long time coming. So watch this for some new works from her!

What’s something the Current You would like the Young You to know?

To be kind to yourself. To make sure that you make time to be on your own and to not take things personally. To follow your passions and be confident in everything you feel and believe in. And to smile, it makes everything better :):):)

Jade, Dom and Robbie wear pieces from our Ukraine Crisis Appeal Collection

100% of profits from this collection go towards the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal, providing emergency relief and longer-term humanitarian support to people and communities affected by this unfolding crisis.