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WFG Woman. Bianca Gregg x Deiji Studio


We had the pleasure of talking to the co-founder of the global sales, consultancy and brand development agency Del Rainbow, Bianca Gregg about staying optimistic, advice for her younger self and running a business alongside her partner Arlen.

Bianca Gregg is the co-founder of Del Rainbow, a global sales, consultancy and brand development agency.  Working with some of Australia and New Zealand's favourite fashion grounds, Bianca and Del Rainbow have supported WFG since our inception.

Your authentic positivity and spirit spills through in everything you do. Can you tell us if any particular person or period of time has influenced your beautiful, optimistic nature?

Firstly, this is the most beautiful heartfelt thing to be said and I am so grateful for this. I think this all stems from my foundations of growing up in such a large variety of challenging circumstances and like most people who go through challenging times, you have two choices in your perspective in every situation and what you do with this. I was put in situations that ensured I grew up quickly and had to make my own choices for both myself and others. I learnt from an early age that regardless of what is being thrown at you, your perspective (your lens as I like to call it) and the way you respond is what the outcome will be and guide the path forward. I also learnt that you have the ability to impact the outcome for others and change the circumstance by maintaining a high vibration. Your attitude, view, experience, and overall authentic vibe is what determines the outcome and how everyone feels around you. Maintaining a high vibration and strong vision has really helped me form this view that I have on the world and how I choose to approach things, which has oddly enough been intrinsic within my nature. I choose every day to see the beauty in things, to work in a space that brings me joy and to lift people up as this lifts me up and continues my positive outlook on things. Supporting people genuinely brings me such joy and continues to boost and thrive my nature as it truly lights me up. The challenges are what give us the opportunity of choice and how we act from this. I love the quote 'the problem is not the problem; the reaction is the problem’ and this really aligns with the notion of what you perceive is what you believe is true. I think that if we can see the beauty in each moment and find joy, it touches everything that you do.

Morning ritual in setting up a productive and joyful work day?

The very first thing I do when I wake up is look at how cute the dogs are cuddling each another while they sleep (I wake up Arlen to look too and we just talk about how lucky we are to have them), I love them so much. This immediately brings joy and fills up my whole heart. Following this, it is straight to HUSTL for me these days, which is a very new experience for me not having had an exercise routine for quite some time! It is so amazing as a few of the Del Rainbow angels all go together now each morning, so it holds us both accountable and is a great team experience. Finally, before settling in for the work day, I collect a soy latte with honey from my favourite humans at Allpress. This sets me up to step into the day and dedicate myself to our team and clients for the day.

What’s something the Current You would like the Young You to know?

Everything is perfect as it is always, the good the bad, it is all perfect, as it is exactly where you need to be in each moment. Trust this process.

Any advice for couples who are also partners in business? Do the traditional roles of masculinity and femininity influence the way you run the business?

Communication is key! Having strong crystal-clear communication is what is needed to ensure strength in business and personal lives. It is important to also lean into the benefits of the power of doing this together in unison, there is such strength in being able to create with your loved one and having the same goal that you are working towards. Crystal clear communication comes from the heart and being able to communicate from a space of truth, so it is very important to operate from the most open space of vulnerability with one another where you ’see’ each other. When you can communicate from vulnerability and your heart, you can connect with one another in such a powerful way, bringing you both forward in your greatest strengths and uniting. As humans, one of our greatest needs is to be loved and heard and if you can access this through communication within your partnership at a business level, your basic human needs are met, and you move forward together so incredibly strong in every situation. The strength of your partnership and the way you operate is the founding force for both the business and the team you set an example for each day. I have found this helps you come together and work so harmoniously as it brings such a comradeship of support on a deeper level. This has certainly given us the strength to get through every challenge (especially the past two years!) and each great day too, as a team. I also think it is so important to understand each other’s roles and expectations, plus combined goals and you will achieve greatness together. At the end of the day, when you can achieve together and create a life together, there is nothing more rewarding.

The traditional roles that historically defined the workforce don’t have any factor in the way we operate or run Del Rainbow and this just occurred naturally, as we focus on vulnerability and connectivity within our partnership on a relationship level, this infiltrated through to the way we operate within our professional space. Vulnerability at the foundation helps us stay in our truth and allows us to step into both sides of ourselves when needed. In a more connected sense, we both step into our masculine when we need to draw up our grit, drive and ‘fight’ and our femininity in how we lead being from the heart and our care. This has certainly been a key factor in how our team operates and we watch this balance come through in all of our team and encourage this daily. I think it comes down to knowing who you are and your purpose, plus owning who you are. Although we each have different leading roles within the companies, Arlen and I work together in everything we do, so it feels very balanced. I think this aligns with the new age experience in that business must be led from your truth and heart. I want to encourage that.

Bianca wears: Deiji Studios Asymmetric Short Set in Mandarin Check & Box Pleat Dress in Cloud Blue.

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