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WFG Woman. Azzmin Frances x Deiji Studio


We had the pleasure of talking to the co-founder of the floral studio Braer, Azzmin Frances about transformative moments in her life, creativity and her most loved thing about being a woman. 

Azzmin Frances is the co-founder of Braer Studio, a space for beautiful flowers and objects of distinction in Byron Bay. Specialising in creative events, wedding flowers & art direction, Braer explores art in the expression of floral designs.

Three women (past or present or future) you’d love to have for dinner? 

Constance Spry, truly the most inspiring florist who paved the way for floral designers to be considered as artists. If I could go back in time, I would be her most devoted student. Go look her work up if you don’t know it already. Her arrangements are out of this world.

Vivienne Westwood who Is my forever idol in every way. I imagine she would be a really fun guest at a dinner party! 

Angel Olsen who I listen to on repeat and I’m just the biggest fan of.

Have there been any defining moments or periods in your life that have shaped the woman you are today?

The birth of my 2 sons were both equally transformative. Being a mother doesn’t define me, but it has forced me to find myself amongst the chaos of parenting. I definitely wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my children.

Your most loved thing about being women in 2022? 

Being surrounded by empowered and courageous women in my life every day. I get to see my friends living their truth, being brazen and bare faced, juggling the complexities of being a modern woman and raising each other up. 

What role does creativity play in your personal and professional lives? 

I am lucky to say I get to be creative every day in my personal and professional life. I have managed to create my dream job, working with flowers and a creating a platform to share a whole lot of other inspiring peoples work via the products and collaborations at Brær. 

It is a joy to share things that I personally love that are made by hand or or are simply functional and beautiful objects to be used in everyday life. I am forever practicing Ikebana and experimenting with flowers (when I’m not snowed under by emails). And on the weekends, I love to cook for my family and friends, potter around in my garden & do a ballet class on Sunday mornings. 

Azzmin wears: Deiji Studios Mid Tie Dress in Black.

100% of profits from this collection go towards Women's Village Collective, helping women and children rebuild their lives after the floods.