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A moment with Amelia Mather | Boteh


Amelia’s distinct brand of thoughtful luxury sees her champion traditional techniques and textile crafts throughout the design, sourcing and production processes. It is this soulful approach that grounds boteh with a sense of history and seasonless longevity - the kind of pieces you savour for their unique ability to make you feel elevated, free and effortless. We where lucky enough to have Amelia share behind the brand and a little glimps into her daily life.

What was the driving passion behind creating Boteh?

Fashion is all I know and has been the only path for me since I began sewing around 12 years old. I have come from a family of designers and dressmakers and threw myself into it early on. Working for multiple fashion brands has taught me so much over the years, it wasn’t until my 30s that I really started to question the effects our industry is having on the planet and where my duty of care falls amongst this. When I finally registered Boteh back in 2019 I was on a mission to build a brand from the ground-up with as much simplicity as possible in terms of my supply chain and transparency of where my raw materials are coming from. I sourced accredited makers that share my vision and ethics. My intention is to grow the business steadily and provide ongoing work for our makers as a long-term partnership rather than always chasing the best price. 

Boteh designs are created to stand the test of time, not focused on trend-driven designs, classic and comfortable silhouettes made from the highest quality materials. My aesthetic has always been ‘Boteh’ so when concepting the look and feel it came together easily, I’m a vintage collector, always have been, I’m in awe of how timeless pieces can transcend decades and still have relevance so I decided to found Boteh on the principles of Artisan prints, wearable design and thoughtful production. I still wear the first ever maxi dress I designed for Boteh. We launched it in October 2020 and after 3 years of wearing and washing it still looks immaculate, a testament to our makers and what we have set out to achieve. 

What does your morning look like? 

I’m up at 6am, have a coffee then get my girls ready for daycare & school, always eventful getting out the door. Then I go for either a run, yoga class, reformer pilates, coastal walk or weights at my local gym. I love variety. Then head into our new design studio on Bronte Rd, we’ve been working out of my house for the past 3 years so we are feeling very professional now we have a commercial space and a coffee shop next door.

Coffee Order? 

Cap or Cortado

Currently Listening to?

Ibiza Global Radio or Spotify's algorithm creates the best of Spanish/Ibiza tunes playlists for us since that’s all we listen to

Last Netflix series you binged on? 

The Beckhams

Daily ritual you swear by to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing?

I’m sitting at my desk a lot when designing so I am regimented when it comes to exercising/moving daily, ensuring I get some tech down time and now my kids are not quite babies anymore I’m claiming back my 8hrs sleep.

Why did you decide to partner with WFG?

WFG is Such an incredible initiative we are honoured to be part of your brand mix and will do anything we can to help keep quality fashion circulating.


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