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Eco-pioneers in a luxury market, let us introduce you to DEL RAINBOW


Bianca Gregg, Co-Founder + Global Sales Director of DEL RAINBOW on doing good business, with a good team, for the greater good.

DEL RAINBOW is a Global Sales, Consultancy and Brand Development Agency, working with some of Australia and New Zealand's favourite fashion brands. Founded by Arlen Macpherson and Bianca Gregg, they have supported Worn for Good since its inception, facilitating partnerships with the incredible brands they work with. 

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PR and fashion have often been stereotypically known to be competitive and cutthroat industries, however the work you’re doing through Del Rainbow is proof that it can be successfully done with consciousness, authenticity, grace and kindness. Is this something you’ve been conscious about creating - or is it an example of your own personal values that have been carried into the business? 

It is a combination of both personal values and everyday consciously creating. I truly believe that what you do and create is an extension of who you are. When you know who you are and embrace this whole-heartedly by living your full truth, you are creating an essence of authenticity. When you embrace your unique sense of who you are, it allows you to co-create with others on a different level. I am a strong believer in the notion that we each create our own reality, with every thought and every intention attracting those around us. Every inch of Del Rainbow upholds my personal values and beliefs; this is how our business was born. I like to think of those values as the pillars that make up our foundations and continue to hold us strong, guiding us every day. 

Our team is a family of creative, like-minded individuals who are stronger together. What makes businesses owners and creators unique is that they truly have the opportunity to create their own ‘world’ and ensure the culture, space and way of operating aligns with their personal values. I am a big believer in understanding your purpose and ‘why’ you do what you do. My why (in the shorter narrative) is to create joy and growth for others, to reach the authenticity in others, go forward with love and be the energy you wish to attract. Part of our Del Rainbow ethos statement is - Be Kind, Be Kinder, Be the Kindest. I think at the end of the day, everyone wants to be seen, heard and loved and you can bring these values into professionalism and channel this through what you do. That is what I aim to do. Deliver excellence in the field of Fashion Wholesale, Marketing and Brand Development, whilst also reaching the human beings you are working with – understanding them, nurturing them and being able to express their true story and why they do what they do. All in all, this value space creates the consciousness and you can be successful, whilst also being kind. In fact, truly inspirational and ‘successful’ people embody just that – kindness. 

I think the values you uphold, while consistently holding yourself accountable, is what creates the entire essence of a business, especially as we live in a world where work doesn’t necessarily feel like work anymore; it’s a part of you and your world, shaping who you are and providing you with growth. I have always been taught to be gracious and care for others and once I found my niche in how to do this, whilst also doing what I love, that was amazing. I have a big heart and truly care for people. Everything is exactly what you make it and if you can be true to yourself, whilst also striving for excellence and staying in your own lane, you’re free to create your own pathway within the industry, and in doing so, hopefully challenge those stereotypes that may have existed before you. 

Your ethos in working with ethical and sustainable brands who are consciously driven to change the world for better is something that clearly sets Del Rainbow apart. What has been the key ingredient or secret in your continued success in attracting / working with brands that you’re genuinely proud to work with? 

The person, or persons, behind the brand is the absolute key. This is the magic ingredient. Genuine, authentic people who are creating with purpose and are truly beautiful humans. With this, you can authentically stand behind people that you work with honour and pride, thrilled to tell their story because you truly believe in them and all that they are. This creates passion, you want nothing more than to be a part of their journey and champion their success. Passion then on flows to others and allows meaningful creation. The people we work with share our values and also share a desire to do better, to foster change and create a feeling, a community that provides those the opportunity to be conscious, sustainable and still have incredible luxury product. For me, it is always more than the product, it comes down to the human beings, their why, how they treat others and what space they create. Everything holds an energy, you can feel the people behind the brand, business, product and that energy is how the product is, in turn, experienced. I want to ensure what we stand behind comes from this space and that is a non-negotiable for me. I believe that we are all responsible for what we put out into the world and I want to ensure that what people experience on the other end of what we do is a direct reflection of this. We only work with good people. People who then become a part of our family, and us, theirs. I am very proud to be partnered with every brand we have and from this space, this attracts the likeminded partners for Del Rainbow- people who are ready to grow both personally and professionally whilst making an impact. 

Your biggest learning in business to date? 

No one is you and that is your power. Your ‘you-ness’ is what brings something special and encouraging this from each person in your team. To trust your internal guidance system and know that it will allow you to make the best decisions for your path. Be in your power and take your time, as when you are clear, everything unfolds. Always listen to yourself, connect your mind and your heart to feel out the best action and right path. The moment I embraced this, wholeheartedly, we took leaps and bounds as a business, because I removed any fear. Do it, do it well and give everything your absolute best, deliver excellence in all that you do. Be honest, truthful to both yourself and your people. Building a bright and wonderful rainbow sanctuary filled with the best humans in the universe and those I trust more than anyone is essential. Making the decision to only align with people we believe in and to call it quickly with those who do not align. Only stand behind people you believe in and give you joy. Be in joy, experience joy when you talk about others and everything is perfect. 


What’s one thing you’ll take with you from 2020? 

Energy goes where focus flows. You truly can do, create, feel, and conquer whatever you put your mind and heart to. The problem is not the problem. The reaction is the problem, so everything can be figured out. 2020 has been the biggest growth year for all of us. I like to think of this year as the rise of the Phoenix, it has pushed us all to rise and bring strong adapting and creating energy. For me, this year has really solidified the inner power and strength that we all hold and has truly brought us together as a collective. Every moment brings a gift - we just have to shift perspective. 

And one you’ll leave behind? 

Honestly, nothing! This year has helped me form exactly who I am and really solidify and ground in that space, honouring the human being I am and what I am willing to give. With every moment of darkness, it leads us to the light. This year has created huge change, change that I believe has set the foundations for who we will all be in the future and what our values and world will look like. I look back on this year and am so grateful for every moment, because everything is perfect as it is, always. I also thrive in the fast lane and naturally operate in flow and adaptability, loving that each day brings a new challenge. So I’ll take that learning forth to the next decade and beyond! 

An upcoming designer that really excites you and why? 

Van Der Kooij. Van Der Kooij has it all. Tash is an incredible, beautiful human, she is authentic, a sustainability champion / pioneer and a true designer. Tash always designs and creates from a story, each piece then reflects this story; every piece is always filled with so much intention and purpose. In terms of sustainability, Van Der Kooij is truly pushing the boundaries, and this has been the case since day 1. Each piece is made to order only in limited runs, made in Melbourne Australia, materials from end of roll / deadstock, plant-atree program for each purchase, vegetable dyed leather, GOTS certified fabrics, recycled packaging printed with non-toxic dyes, ECA printing. I love that each collection has a story and inspiration that has such connection with Tash (VDK owner and designer), there is a motif placed onto each piece for the wearer to reflect on and have that special connection. One collection was inspired from her grandparent’s garden and each piece had a small, embroidered flower motif, one for each unique flower from the garden. Van Der Kooij is one to watch and a brand that I personally champion. The product is also so unique and funwe need fun in our lives and pieces that make you feel beautiful. I know Van Der Kooij is going to do incredible things. 

Favourite second hand purchase? 

I purchased an incredible Givenchy Sweater on a marketplace group many moons ago before a New York trip, it was one of my very first designer purchases and I absolutely loved this cosy sweater. I recently had a weekend garage sale with the Del Rainbow girls in Bryon Bay and I passed this special piece on for someone else to love and enjoy. That was a treasured moment. Pieces create moments in your life and I even got to exchange the story with her and talk about the piece, I knew that it was going to be loved and go on to creating more memories in someone else’s life. What a special experience. 

How do you think we can continue to shift the collective consciousness to appreciate a more sustainable fashion model (second hand clothing, shopping less, better quality, strategic wardrobe edits etc) over the fast fashion model? 

Knowledge is power. We can only make a shift if we make it our goal to educate and ensure that we strive to make an impact. It is our responsibility to educate and do this well. It is so important for us to each do our part in enlightening the boarder collective in understanding not only the impact, but what goes into creating quality pieces, we need to show people the love, care and the purpose behind pieces. We need to humanize the process. If we focus on creating value providing education behind the choices of fabric, making processes, business choices, the people, their ethos and values this is what will create a positive shift in consciousness and understanding as one or more of these elements will have a greater impact on people as you have to strike a chord with them with what matters. 

Everyone has a different trigger point that makes them feel connected to something, so we need to do our part in thoroughly educating and communicating behind the scenes and the choices. If we don’t do this, how can people ‘buy’ better? We need to provide people with the positive impact they can make alongside the negative impact of the fast fashion model. We are learning each and every day about different choices we can make and if we can make it very well known that these choices are accessible to businesses, we can then help foster the change and set the standard. It is after all, the people who will make the largest impact with supporting and caring about what they are buying into. We need to ensure that people feel they are a part of something and that there is a vision for something greater. 

Educate, educate and continue to educate some more. This encourages people to want to learn more or at least, a shift in perspective. It has to be a huge part of our vocabulary. If something hits someone’s heart, they will tell 5 or 10 more people, and with that, we have the power to make a change. We can then demand a shift at a greater level to meet the demand of this wave. For me, I encourage even our team in Del Rainbow Store at the end of each day to tell us 5 things they were able to teach someone who came into the store about sustainability and what our standards are, what choosing recycled and regenerated materials mean for both the garment quality and the earth and overall, that you can have luxury and sustainable product in one. 


What do you think the single most important thing a designer or brand can do to be part of creating a more sustainable fashion model? 

To have the ‘want’ or goal to make a change from the outset. Set high standards and values for ethics and practices and never ever stray from these. Do not comprise and have a purpose for creating. We do not ‘need’ more of something, so why are you doing what you do and how are you doing it better, socially, economically, environmentally. What means the most to you and really set that tone throughout every essence of your business. Set your values guide and make sure that through every instance, you are achieving these. Ask questions and educate yourself on certifications required, do a deeper dive on the impact of fabrics, use regenerated materials. Start to finish, how are you making a difference. Create change. 

Can you tell us about opening up the Del Rainbow store in Byron? What was the impetus for this, and how has it been going so far? 

Del Rainbow Store was imagined as an extension of what we do at Del Rainbow (global wholesale). The idea stemmed from the opportunity to create an incredible retail environment right next door to our showroom that embodies the ethos our business is built on; focusing on brands that harness intention, purpose and most importantly, have sustainability as a core pillar. I want people to feel the energy of the product and know it came from a good place through every step - from idea to creation - as this is how they will eventually experience the piece in their lives. For us, we believe so strongly in the incredible sustainable brands that we partner with and represent within Del Rainbow, that we wanted to deliver a shoppable environment with the ability to educate customers on the concept that you can marry sustainability with luxury and have the ability to both vocally and sublimely educate customers on their choices and what that means in terms of impact - Del Rainbow Store delivers this. We have created an environment where each brand and every piece comes from this intention in its truest form. 

Customers can step into the Del Rainbow Store world and feel connected to pieces that harness this energy. If the customer is not aware of the brands or store concept, they leave with more knowledge, awareness and connection than they entered with, which is so exciting. Sustainability is a journey, but for us at Del Rainbow Store, we have the ability to understand at the deepest level what each individual brand is doing as we have set requirements. There is no room for greenwashing here. Del Rainbow Store allows us the space to stand behind these brands with passion and each day, connect customers with the brand story on a deeper level. We aim to educate every customer who enters (in-store and online) at a greater level; the brand certifications (and what these actually mean and how necessary they are), their giveback, their materials, choices, and the overall brand impact. It is so incredible to know that each person who takes home a piece from Del Rainbow Store has learnt a little something more about the importance and impact of sustainability. It is so powerful to watch someone light up when they feel a little more connected to a product or brand that then becomes apart of their world. Through education we are hoping to have an impact on our customers future choices. 

Every piece purchased from Del Rainbow Store is accompanied with a thank you note that ticks off each sustainability category from our vetting system, which you can learn more about here- We encourage customers to ask questions and seek further knowledge. It is a necessity that we work with and support brands that are built and grow from this basis, especially as the fashion industry is the highest consumption industry in the world. The more businesses and brands that encompass sustainability and truly make a change, have the strength to lead a change across several industries. We have the ability to create the greatest impact. By focusing on this basis, we can encourage people to shop consciously, how could we possibly feel comfortable supporting a business any other way if you truly understand the impact? 

The store has been going so well! We have had such incredible support from our community it has been so heart warming! Our community is the strongest and so vibrant, filled with love, nurture and genuine support for one another. Del Rainbow Store is focused on providing an experience and we are blessed with our customers who are truly captivated by this and want to learn about each brand and most importantly, what they choose to purchase. We also celebrated our very first event this month: a Life Drawing workshop that had such an incredible turn out, my heart was so full. I cannot wait to continue to provide a collective space that champions and supports those doing wonderful things in the world, in all walks of life. 

This Summer, when you’re not working or hanging with your beautiful man and dogs, where can we find you? 

This summer I really want to step back into energetic healing and some spiritual work. I would love to do another course and connect back to myself. I am searching for quite a deep experience, so I will let you know what path I embark on! I really want to be so centred and on fire for the new year, so I am going to enjoy learning more about myself and others. 

People think I’m over 30 when I’m actually not! 

I’ll never be too old for fairies, magic and rainbows.