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In conversation with SIR The Label


There was a time when feminine linen pieces were a smug souvenir from a Euro summer, but Founders Sophie Coote and Nikki democratised the little white dress with the launch of their uniquely aspirational yet accessible contemporary women’s wear brand, Sir The Label in 2014.  We talk to the talented pair about the best thing about working as a duo a few of their favourite things.  

What’s the best thing about working as a duo? 

The collaborative creation process and being able to bounce ideas off one another. Nikki and I have the same aesthetic so it makes decision making easy. (SC)

Most loved item in your wardrobe? 

My Chanel rubber slides… somehow making them work with every outfit. (SC)

The best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

Remain unaffected. (SC)

Most loved kitchen utensil

My Matcha whisk.. I quit drinking coffee so hot Matcha with oatmilk is my new morning ritual. (SC)

When it’s legal again, favourite place to holiday?

Italy, Amalfi Coast! We have two of our best friend’s wedding that was originally this July. It will be such a celebration when we can all be together again! (NC)

Your spirit animal?

Right now, my new pug puppy. He’s sleeping on my lap wrapped up in a blanket. My winter spirit animal. (NC)

What’s your favourite ever SIR piece and how do you wear it? 

Cecelia Tank. An everyday essential. (NC)

What made you want to support WFG? 

As a female driven business we think it is so important to support other women anyway we can. Now more than ever we need to support and look after each other, the COVID situation has also given us the time to focus on the future of our business and shown us how we can slow down and be more thoughtful. Thoughtful for those around us and our planet. It is so amazing to support an initiative that supports this. (NC)