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Interview with Janine Zafra, Founder of Brie Leon


Brie Leon is a Sydney based jewellery and handbag label that prides itself on wearable classics. We chat with the founder Janine Zafra, about sustainability in the business and what makes her feel most creative.

1. What does sustainability mean to you and your business?

Sustainability is an important part of Brie Leon and we are conscious about every decision we make towards the business. Sustainability not only means keeping the environment in mind with every choice we make regarding materials, production and day-to-day ethical operations, it also means we make sure everything we create is with intention to be worn as an “everyday” piece and withstand time as long as possible.

2. When do you feel most creative? 

Usually when I’m alone and with my own thoughts. It's hard to get time by myself these days so I like to save imagery into categorised folders on my phone and come back to them when in due time. I also have an ideas box with a mixture of things I may find inspiring - a particular texture on an aged jewellery piece or even a colour from an old nail polish or seashell.

3. Favourite Old Hollywood movie (the kind that seems to get better every time)? 

I'm a huge fan of The Fifth Element (1997). I love sci-fi movies!

4. Your surefire way to make a weekend in isolation actually feel like a weekend?

Long hours of prepping/cooking food, plenty of playtime with my son Alfie and minimal phone time!

5. Daily ritual you swear by to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing?

Sun salutations with a 40 min walk, and if the day becomes extra busy a 10 minute meditation always washes away the edge.

6. I will never be too old for … dancing!

7. Sometimes I purposefully … ask myself “why”… giving yourself time to answer will always keep you in-check!