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Want to invest in a piece with endless possibilities? Meet Silk Laundry.


Silk Laundry was born in 2015 with a focus on timeless styles that innovate on classic ideas, thoughtfully made to complement and update staples you already cherish. With quality and care at the forefront, their pieces are made to be worn over and over again. 

What do you think the single most important thing a designer or brand can do to be part of creating a more sustainable fashion model?
Begin with intention. Be conscious and aware that every single thing you do has an effect. Use your voice and your profits for good.  

What advice do you have for the next generation of emerging fashion designers?
Go slow. Don’t be wasteful. Know that everything you produce will have a lifetime on this earth so be very careful with everything; from your fabrics all the way through to your shipping, and beyond.

Name a moment or event that has made you proud to be a female founder in fashion? 
There's a few! 

  • Our first charity slip where we were able to donate $25,000 to Planet Bee Foundation. The launch of Project 166 this year with my husband and our businesses. We have purchased a 1200 acre plot of land that has been destroyed by traditional farming and logging and we will be regenerating the land and planting trees on behalf of every person in our businesses, we currently have approximately 1000 staff, which means we will be planting 166,000 trees as our first big goal.
  • Our Monarch Butterfly campaign where we have sent out milkweed seeds throughout North America to be planted to help the migration of the Monarch butterfly.
  • Our 2020 endangered species awareness print highlighting just a few of the countless animals we are losing on this earth.
  • Our latest biodegradable garment bags. We have finally been able to change out our traditional poly bags with a friendlier solution, however, we went one step further and rather than just having a better solution we have added a barcode on the reverse, and when scanned it takes you to a letter on our website we have started that you can email to your local governments asking for better solutions to waste, beginning with citywide composting.

However, I am not proud of these because I am a female. I am proud of what Silk Laundry has done, achieved, and stands behind because I am human and want a future for my children and all of the other little people on this planet. I want my children to see bees, and butterflies, and elephants and not just in picture books. I want a future and I want it to be bright.

Go slow. Don’t be wasteful. Know that everything you produce will have a lifetime on this earth so be very careful with everything; from your fabrics all the way through to your shipping, and beyond.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Never say no to an invitation. I am not sure if it’s the best advice, but it really worked for me when I changed my own mindset and let this be one of my personal mottos. 

And the worst?
I honestly can’t even think of bad advice I’ve been given… probably because I wouldn’t take it on board anyway.

What’s the MVP piece of your wardrobe?
Just one? I would say it’s the 90s Silk Slip Dress. They get so much wear, through pregnancies, and flat tummies, summer and winter, they are my one non-negotiable. 

When do you feel most creative?
It’s almost always after something like a meeting, a film, a gallery visit, a book, a wine, while I am walking and reflecting and an idea will just hit me. Then I start to call my team and set the wheels in motion. 

A recent shower thought you had?
I am in an older rental in Melbourne at the moment, so it’s usually around guessing how old the wallpaper is! My guess is 30 years. 

What’s on the 2021 horizon for Silk Laundry?
Continuing to use our platform for change and for good. We have been living in Melbourne since January. 2021 will see us opening a store here mid-year which is exciting for me as it’s a pretty special building. I can foresee having a lot more events that align with the brand and my values as well as some natural orange wine with friends and in the courtyard in this new space as well.