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5 minutes with Yan Yan Chan


Our muse for unexpected and totally covetable style, Yan Yan Chan is a content creator, creative director, producer and queen of the gram.

How did your childhood influence your creative spirit?
My parents always encouraged us to try new things, be out of our comfort zone. We didn't grow up with money, but they sacrificed a lot for us to experience things outside of school. I grew up dancing, playing tennis, the piano, and went to art classes after school, and every few years I'd spend the school Summer with my grandparents in Beijing. We were privileged in that sense, and it gave us a different perspective from a young age. I was always a day dreamer - when I realised I wasn't an academic, I put all of my energy into creativity so I could prove to myself that I was capable of paving my own way. 

What have you learnt in this time of being somewhat ‘forced’ to slow down? 
Problems really don't solve themselves, and going through waves of feeling not ok is ok!

What are a few things you’ve been trying to do to become more socially conscious? (Ideally in terms of sustainability)
Working in fashion and wanting a more sustainable lifestyle has definitely been a conflicting / interesting balance. I've been making conscious efforts as a consumer, researching where and who I buy from and have implemented change in the household. Doing groceries at the farmers markets, composting food scraps, cutting down single-use plastic and meat consumption, and being conscious of water and energy use. In terms of business, I don't support fast fashion & I do my research on what materials people use for their garments when I am purchasing anything new or second-hand. I definitely am no saint when it comes to any of this, and there are slip ups, but I think being more aware, and making those small changes come a long way. 

People often think I’m ____ when I’m actually __
People often think I'm an extrovert when I'm actually an introvert.

Local coffee spot? 
My kitchen! 
Matcha oat latte is my morning wake up.

Where do you go to / how do you cure a creative block? 
Sit with the block, and turn to other outlets that bring joy. It's not always pleasant, but it will be. 

How do your clothes make you feel empowered? 
I know it's probably not that wholesome to rely on materialistic possession, but I feel like clothes really are a blanket of security for me. It's another layer of who I am when I can't express through words. 

One wardrobe item you can’t live without? 
A sexy suit. 

Your best piece of sustainable fashion advice for 2020?
Eliminate fast fashion, invest in forever pieces. It's the best way to establish your own style. 
Outfit repeating is the vibe.