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A moment with: Alex and Loz, founders of Will + Bear


At WFG, we're thrilled to partner with Will + Bear, founded by Loz (Will) and Alex (Bear). Committed to sustainability, they engage with global impact partners and donate 2% of their revenue annually. Loz focuses on community and fun, while Alex emphasises creating impactful, planet-friendly products. Their mornings reflect their values: yoga, surfing, and nature walks. Will + Bear's mission aligns perfectly with ours, pushing the fashion industry towards a positive direction.

What does sustainability mean to you and your business?

To always keep an open mind and seek new innovative ways to do better as a business. It’s a state of constant learning and evolving to aim for sustainability. We strive to act as a responsible business and engage with global impact partners directly. We aim to always give away a percentage of our profits and to be a responsible member of the global community, we are committed to donating 2% of revenue or more annually. We will always work to raise awareness of environmental & social issues that are close to our hearts.


What was the driving passion behind creating Will + Bear?

Loz (Will) - it’s community, building an environment where people can come together to learn, grow and have fun. 

Alex (Bear) - It’s impact, building products and a business that gives back and leads the way in positive impact for people and planet. 


What does your morning look like?

Loz (Will) - Yoga (on the good days), walk the dogs, wander around my garden before starting work, this one is every day! I love walking around my garden and noticing the small changes.

Alex (Bear) - Coffee, surf, walk the dogs. 


Coffee Order? 

Loz (Will) - Decaf Long Black

Alex (Bear)  - Long Black 

Currently Listening to? 

Loz (Will) - Everything country! (while wearing my new cowboy hat)

Alex (Bear) - Telenova  



Loz (Will) - Emotional Agility 

Alex (Bear) - The Biology of Belief 


Most Loved item of clothing? 

Loz (Will) - My vintage Lee jeans  

Alex (Bear) - My Patagonia vest

Best piece of advice? 

Treat everything as a learning experience. Give it a go - if it fails at least you’ve learnt something. 


Last Netflix series you binged on?

HeartBreak High


I like to remind myself to...

Be kind


Favourite way to spend a Saturday night in?

Home cooked pasta, fire on and cuddles on the couch with our dogs.


Podcast recommendation please (one can never have enough..)

The C word

Daily ritual you swear by to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing?

We both read for at least half an hour in bed before we go to sleep. We started this about 5 years ago to try and calm down a little before bed and it worked a treat! We both take our books everywhere with us and even if it's late and we’re staying at a friends after a party, we’ll whip the books out for a quick read before falling asleep.


What are you currently working on (personal or professional)? 

We’re currently working on a new Australian Native Tree Planting project in WA. We can’t wait to share more. 


Why did you decide to partner with WFG? 

We love partnering with other like-minded businesses that are pushing the fashion industry in a positive direction. 



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100% of profits from this collection go to Share the Dignity in their mission to support menstruating people and trying to bring an end to period poverty.