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A moment with Candice Rose O'Rourke, Co-Founder of Zulu & Zephyr.


Meet Candice Rose O'Rourke, one half of the creative duo behind the beloved Australian fashion brand Zulu & Zephyr. Their shared passion for fashion, design, and travel inspired them to create a brand that embodies the spirit of coastal living. Today, Zulu & Zephyr has become a beloved brand amongst fashion enthusiasts, with a loyal following that spans the globe.


What was the driving force behind creating Zulu & Zephyr?

We set out to revive and relive our mother’s Australian fashion era in the 1970s. It seems fitting that when we decided to launch our resort brand we were together walking along the beach that we grew up on as little girls. It was also the same place that our parents fell in love, the same spot our brother surfed everyday. Zulu & Zephyr is growing and evolving - yet still stays the same. Perhaps different silhouettes, yet the same focus on quality and timelessness. 

Currently Listening and Reading?

Various podcasts, accoustic chill mixes, Silverchair.
Reading Raising Boys and Raising Girls on my bedside table -for personal interest, and Lets Talk Culture - for work purposes.


Most Loved item of clothing?

My Zimmerman Wedding Dress

What does sustainability mean to you and your business?

After 10 years in business, we have learnt so much about what sustainability means to ourselves, our wider team and to our community. Creating is so much bigger than just consuming. Our generation demand, expect and deserve full transparency when it comes to what they are choosing to support and wear. 

We recognise we are not perfect, we’re committed to navigating the complexities of a multifaceted industry with a considered and conscious approach. We grew up in nature, on the beach so it only feels natural to take care of our sacred environment and the land we inhabit. We choose recycled and accredited fabrics for our swim and apparel collections to reduce plastic and nylon waste while giving back to our community and non-for-profit partners - like the incredible WFG Initiative. 

Be a thinker.

Last Netflix series you binged on?

I broke up with Netflix!

We are into weird stuff, like Lizi Q, ABC Old Peoples Home for Teenagers, Australian Story. Old Interviews on You Tube.

Your go-to recipe?

Currently fresh fish, tacos, simple salads.


Brand that inspires you?

The story telling and everyday eye of JACQUEMUS. 

Who inspires you?

Not necessarily one person in particular, but little snippets of everyday people. I am inspired by people who think outside of the box.

Favourite way to spend a Saturday night in?

Wrapped around my children potting around the house and likely unwinding from a busy day at the beach.


Daily ritual you swear by to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing?

Surfing everyday. The moment I enter the water, all of my emails, phone calls, mum duties and demands stay on the sand and wait for me to return.

What are you currently working on (personal or professional)? 

I am currently exiting the Summer holidays and entering 2023.

This year we will open a new store, we will release 100% sustainable collections and I will travel overseas for new experiences and transformations. Its been too long.

Why did you decide to partner with WFG?
When Pip and Sophie came to us with this heartfelt and important initiative, we were so impressed with the mission and it’s unique business model - we wanted to instantly get involved.

What began as a way to manage excess stock responsibly, our partnership with Worn For Good has engaged our community on social and environmental justice and the ways in which we can positively impact the world