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A moment with: Gemma Stanford, Founder/Director of Arcaa.


Step into the world of Arcaa, where purposeful fashion meets sustainability. Driven by a passion to create cherished pieces from natural fibers, Arcaa's journey evolved from activewear to everyday essentials. Mornings at their Byron Bay HQ start with family time and a touch of yoga, embodying the brand's balanced ethos. With a belief in constant evolution, Arcaa's partnership with WFG highlights their commitment to giving back, reducing waste, and promoting worthy causes.

What was the driving passion behind creating Arcaa?

I just wanted to create purposeful pieces that people genuinely appreciated and wanted to wear again and again. It all began with activewear, but as time went on we found creating all day quality pieces in natural fibres aligned more to our core values.

What does your morning look like?

Early morning cuddles with my 3 year old son, quick breaky, scramble out the door and maybe a pilates or yoga class before arriving at our HQ at Habitat in Byron Bay.


Breathe - James Nestor and Jitterbug Perfume - Tom Robbins

Most Loved item of clothing? 

Apart from Arcaa… A vintage oversized black chunky mesh cotton knit from a thrift overseas

Last Netflix series you binged on?

Three Women on Stan and Pachinko on Apple

I like to remind myself that….

Nothing stays the same, we are ever evolving

Why did you decide to partner with WFG?
WFG is a wonderful concept and such a great example of what can be achieved in ways of giving back, reducing waste and bringing awareness to worthy causes



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100% of profits from this collection go to Share the Dignity in their mission to support menstruating people and trying to bring an end to period poverty.