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A moment with Hayley and Jade Hall, founders of Luv Lou


What was the driving passion behind creating Luv Lou?

Luv Lou was born whilst sipping on Oat Lattes at a regular sister catch up, wanting to seek out a creative outlet. We had always been drawn to the idea of working together and both had past careers in Fashion over the years, our love was always for eyewear and we both had an endless supply of sunglasses. With sunglasses being a regular purchase, we knew this was the perfect fit for us. After what was a creative experiment, sampling a range soon became a beautiful business which we now call Luv Lou. 

What does your morning look like?

We both start our morning with coffee first always. Followed by the gym or pilates. Once in the office we have our morning meeting with our team and set out to-dos for the day. A second coffee isn’t far off by now then we get into our work. 


Jayde: It ends with us- colleen Hover
Hayley: The perfect wife

Last Netflix series you binged on?

Hayley + Jayde: We binged this together on the plane; Bling ring documentary- mind blown!!

Your go-to recipe? 

Jayde: Salmon in the air fryer, brown rice, steam veggies, soya sauce and kewpie mayonnaise everyday!!
Hayley: Green tea noodle salad with tofu and sesame dressing.

What does sustainability mean to you and your business?

Sustainability means being aware of the environmental impact of your choices both personally and in business. We are on a continuous journey with our business to make conscious and educated decisions when it comes to our brand, that aid in preserving our planet. We have been striving to develop a sustainable collection for some time and are so proud to have launched this in September. We hope to develop this range and see it expand across all styles, becoming completely plant based across our entire collection in the future.

In business you are not meant to be an expert in all fields so be informed by others, ask questions and surround yourself with innovative people who inspire and strengthen you.

Daily ritual you swear by to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing?

Jayde: Taking the dog for a walk to get my morning coffee.
Hayley: Pilates class, coffee and a swim in summer is a non-negotiable.

What are you currently working on (personal or professional)? 

Jayde: Personally, currently trying to finish a 3 day juice cleanse
Hayley: Managing the balance between mum life and work life.

Why did you decide to partner with WFG? 

We partnered with WFG as we value their commitment to charities and a more sustainable world. We love that they have created a platform for brands to come together to partner in a movement which eliminates waste and promotes positive change. 


Luv Lou pieces sold on Worn For Good support Children's Ground.

100% of profits from this collection go to Children’s Ground who walks alongside First Nations communities in the Northern Territory, delivering services across learning, health, economic development and community wellbeing, combining the expertise of First Nations knowledge systems with international leading practice.