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In the studio with Hannah Carrick


Sydney based Artist, Hannah Carrick walks us through a day in her life and shares her thoughts on sustainability, the value of thrift shopping and keeping creative in Covid times.

What does a ‘normal’ day for you entail?

First thing I do is make a coffee (favorite part of the day) then usually try to do some sort of outdoor activity to get some fresh air and move my body. I then go to my fav cafe Morris in Paddington to get a real coffee for the drive to my studio in Sydney's Inner West. I usually eat breakfast and reply to some emails, then get to work on paintings, whether that is a current commission, collaboration or new pieces for my online store. 

What influences your creativity, and when do you feel most inspired?

I’m the most inspired when I am feeling healthy and in a relaxed mindset. Growing up by the sea and surrounded by the Byron Hinterland, I spent most of my childhood at the beach, exploring rainforests and discovering waterfalls. I think these early experiences in nature are pivotal references in the work today. And of course travelling, escaping normality always gets the creative juices flowing.

What sustainability practices have you incorporated into your personal or professional life? Why was this important to you? 

Thrifting holds a special place in my heart as my mum would take me from a young age and it's something we still do together. My most loved items are second hand that I will cherish forever. In my business, minimising the use of packaging is very important to me, if my framer can hand deliver artworks without packaging we will 100% go for that option. I am still very old school when it comes to products for my studio, I buy sustainable unstretched cotton in a massive roll and pick this up myself so there is no packaging or waste. Same with paints and supplies, I go to my trusty old art store and take my own reusable boxes to collect. 

Your best piece of sustainable fashion advice for 2020? 

Buy from Worn for Good or go op shopping! You will be amazed at how many beautiful second hand goodies you will find. And, if you are going to buy new clothes, buy well, check the materials and where your item is coming from. I always choose quality over quantity.  

Three Instagram accounts every art lover should follow

@pupcave (just makes me oh so happy) @sarcasm_only and of course @wornforgood

What would future Hannah Carrick like a young Hannah Carrick to know?

Save your money, buy land and start a commune, finish school and stop worrying, everything that's meant to happen will fall into place. 

People think I’m clean when I’m actually a little messy!

The best piece of advice I've ever received? 

Beautiful things take time.


Carrick is currently working on her newest collection, which will be released in the coming weeks and is based on deep introspection, growth and new beginnings. 

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