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We chat with Lara Fells, co-founder of St Agni


We cover a full range of topics with Lara Fells, co-founder and creative director of St Agni, from what sustainability means for her business to her favourite way to spend a Saturday night in.

What does sustainability mean to you and your business?
Sustainability is about making responsible choices, being conscious of the environmental impacts and the quality of the pieces you are producing. 
It's a topic that is at the forefront of our conversations, particularly at the beginning of each collection. We are constantly learning and trying to educate ourselves further. 

(As soon as it’s legal again), favourite weekend getaway?
My family live in Tasmania and Matt's family in the UK - We will go and visit them both once the boarders open up. It makes them all feel so much further away knowing you can't easily visit. 

WFH office attire consists of?
A White Tee, Jeans and a Blazer paired with a comfy pair of St. Agni slides.

Favourite way to spend a Saturday night in?
I love cooking a slow-cooked beef Ragu - sitting around the table eating pasta and drinking red wine with my family. 

When all else fails…take a break. 

I will never be too old for…colouring in.

Podcast recommendation please (one can never have enough..)
Mamamia Out Loud every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Why did you feel passionate to support WFG?
I love what Worn For Good is doing, it's such a great idea and I feel so lucky that we could contribute.

Is there a particular charity you feel most aligned with? (LGFB, WCS, Greening Australia)
We are partnered with Carbon Neutral to help regenerate the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity corridor and as a business, we have planted 15,000 trees to date.