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A few things you should know about Manning Cartell


We speak to Manning Cartell about their sustainability ethos and how they structure their collections.

What are a few of Manning Cartell’s biggest achievements in being a sustainable and ethical clothing label?

As a brand we have always focused on an ethical approach to doing business, it is part of the Manning Cartell DNA. Since the very beginning which is coming up to 15 years next year, we have made our garments here in Sydney Australia with a talented team of local makers and in 2012 we were accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. The focus of ECA and the accreditation is to ensure makers in the Australian textile industry are being paid appropriately, receiving all the legal minimum entitlements and working in safe workplaces throughout the entire supply chain. It is a very rigorous & detailed process - we are extremely proud to be accredited. Our Designers are always sourcing luxurious, innovative and sustainable fabrics constantly. We are constantly working to provide the most sustainable option possible and this is an ongoing journey for us.

We offer our pieces starting from a size 4 - 14 and we are currently working on extending our size offering.

Another big change that has happened over the last few months is that we decided to stop following the fashion calendar. This approach was announced on the 14 May 2020 and we hope it will help to reduce waste and it will make what we present to our community more relevant. It means we will instead be showcasing inspiring pieces to our customers at a time that is relevant to our weather patterns. As a brand we are constantly working to improve and build on our ethical foundation and transparency and honesty is another core value of the MC DNA, and we love having our community join us on our journey.  


Could you tell us a bit about how you structure your collections? 

Since we stopped following the fashion calendar in May 2020, we have structured our collections into Release 01, 02 and 03 each year and removing the seasonality. Within these releases are smaller capsules focusing on categories such as Ethical Leather / Knitwear / Denim / Dresses and recently Loungewear. Our product offering within each capsule is curated with the latest silhouettes in innovative fabrics. The timing of product releases are tailored to the weather patterns that we experience e.g if it is still too warm in May, we will phase out Winter knitwear to June. In past these styles would’ve launched within the AW timeframe which would be Feb - March. We also ensure that we have an offering for our customers in the northern hemisphere. 


Looking optimistically, what would you like to see more of in the future for fashion?

We hope that the fashion industry as a collective joins the movement of moving away from the fashion calendar. We are hopeful that this will create the change that has been required in our industry for such a long time, to reduce the waste and speed of fashion. - 


Your best piece of sustainable fashion advice for 2020? 

Invest in timeless, versatile and quality pieces that you will wear forever.