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How to get (and stay) organised with Beck Wadworth, Founder and Creative Director of An Organised Life


Beck Wadworth is the founder and creative director of Australia's best-loved stationery brand, An Organised Life. With an eye for clean ‘n cool design, Beck has single-handedly made ticking off ‘to do’ lists and setting goals feel and look chic. She speaks to us about settings goals, her minimalist style and what sustainability means to her. 

1. You’re the queen of organisation - any quick tips for those of us who struggle with this? 

- Prioritising is key - prioritising your schedule, time, workload.
- I utilise alarms for literally everything when it comes to managing my time and schedule. I set my alarms every evening before I go to bed. 
- I also am a bigger believe in  learning how to prioritise and allocate a realistic amount of time to each task - over estimate rather than underestimate.
- Preparation is key - pre planing your meals, outfits and deadlines in advance.
- Learn to delegate efficiently 

2. Let us know we’re all human, are there days when you don’t complete everything on the to-do list?

Yes. And I'm completely ok with it. I  always prioritise my to-do list daily from most important to least & if something needs to be shifted to another day that's ok. As long as I get my MIT's done (Most Important tasks) & anything that NEEDS to be done, then it's a successful day. It's all about prioritising.
3. Can we use organisation tools to allow us to slow down? 

Yes, the more organised you are, the more efficient you can be with your time & therefore you will also get to have that down time too. Utilise a diary & manage your workload with to-do lists. Your time is precious. Create focus & direction & be strict with your downtime.
Balance is key.

4. Minimalist in design and style, how has your personal style evolved over the years? 

I've always been quite minimal but in my 20's was when my signature style became set in stone & it hasn't changed since! I'm all about quality over quantity and prefer to invest in pieces that will last for years rather than one season both for my wardrobe & home. Less is more in my eyes. I also have a rule for my wardrobe that I have to think of 3 different outfit combinations before I buy a piece (especially separates like bottoms, tops, jackets etc).

5. What are three wardrobe staples on high rotation? 

Denim (black, blue & white jeans), a classic tee (black & white), & a blazer. All extremely versatile essentials that can be dressed up or down.

6. Any favourite brands you’ll always be seen in?

Yes! Anything from theUNDONE as well as AJE, Maggie Marilyn, Camilla & Marc, Harris Tapper, Georgia Alice, Marle, SIR, Matteau, Bec + Bridge.

7. Any fashion fails you’d rather forget? 

I wore a lot of questionable floral prints & bright colours back in my late teens very early 20's when my wardrobe was more trend driven!!

8. One of your proudest moments in business?

I have so many! I love goal setting, big & small, long term & short terms. And I've had so many proud moments along the way. But... I always feel all the feels when I see someone carrying a An Organised Life product or get to meet one of our customers. My goal is to help organise busy lives & it's so nice to see & hear that first hand.

9. What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is a huge focus for me personally & professionally at the moment. From a business point of view, I'm committed to doing everything I can to continue to learn & make changes within my business to help create a positive future. My goal is always to design products that can be used over a long period of time & the majority can be saved as keepsakes at the end of their lifecycle. I'm so lucky my team are so passionate about this topic too & we have made so many changes in all areas of our business & have lots more to go.

Personally I'm such a big believer in quality over quantity & less is more. It's my responsibility to do everything I personally can from a sustainability side, and this motto for my wardrobe, home & many other areas of my life is important. Every little bit helps.