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5 Minutes with Giselle Farhat, My Chameleon


Giselle Farhat of My Chameleon shares her driving passion behind creating My Chameleon as well as three Instagram accounts every fashion lover should follow.

1. What was the driving passion behind creating My Chameleon?
There is an inherent need for mindful and considered dressing, MC is really the avenue to present this way of thinking. My desire is for women to dress with confidence and ease.

2. What are you currently working on (personal or professional)?
A personal project of mine is sourcing beautiful and interesting objects for my home and this is taking a lot longer than I initially thought. For My Chameleon, we are working on evolving and looking for new creative outlets to present our philosophy.

3. Favourite ever purchase.
A pair of Hans Wegner lounge chairs.

4. When things get awkward, I usually
pause and take a moment before I try to make the situation less awkward. I don’t mind awkwardness but I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable so for me it's about making others feel less awkward.

5. I like to remind myself that
change is a beautiful thing

6. Three Instagram accounts every fashion lover should follow?
I like to refer to people or communities covering a range of creative disciplines - @stephanlisowski @simplicitycity @galerienorth. 

7. Why should we care about being sustainable? 
Sustainability is a way of having some control over the impact on our environment. Just on a behavioural level, it's good practice. Buy less and buy well.

8. What made you feel inspired to support Worn for Good?
Sophie and Pip have thought deeply about the launching of this initiative - nothing has been rushed and it is all done for purpose - to support women and the planet. These type of values resonate with me and supporting WFG feels like such a natural decision.