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5 minutes with Deiji Studios


We spoke to the talented women behind the timeless sleepwear line, Deiji Studios about their focus on creating designs that can live on for seasons to come.

Deiji Studios was founded in 2016 by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson, with a vision to deliver high comfort, high quality linen bedding and luxury loungewear that blurs the lines between sleepwear and ready-to-wear. 

What’s one thing you think people would be most surprised to discover about Deiji Studio’s journey?

I think that most people are surprised when they hear that we also own another small business called ‘Juem’ a modern maternity line.

What are the golden principles you keep in mind when designing your beautiful linen pieces?

Creating purposeful items that transcend seasons. Less is more, keeping it simple and comfortable whilst still maintaining quality. Using natural biodegradable materials are also really important when it comes to our design focus. We are constantly learning about new fabrics down to trims and buttons, something that we always take into consideration when designing. 

Your biggest learning in business to date?

Patience is a big one, and how hard running a business can be but so rewarding at the same time. 

We’re seeing a distinct shift away from seasonality and the pace of fast fashion trends – do you think this will continue to slow? How have your own perceptions around trends and their purpose changed?

We have never been fans of fast fashion and believe in quality over quantity. I hope people will continue to move away from fast fashion with having more awareness and understanding of the impact it has on our planet. 

When it’s legal again, your favourite long weekend getaway?

A camping trip and time with my family who I have not seen for a while.

MVP in your wardrobe? 

My pyjamas. 

When life gets overwhelming, I like to... dive into the ocean. 

Words to live by... be kind.