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Meet our latest contributor, Paloma Rose Garcia.


Meet Paloma Rose Garcia, one of Sydney's most sought after hair stylists, mum of two, climate change activist and owner of PALOMA Salon in Paddington.

Paloma Rose Garcia is no stranger amongst Sydney's cool crowd. She is the owner of PALOMA Salon in Paddington, becoming well known for mastering low maintenance, effortless hair. Since having children, she has become vocal about the impact our daily choices are having on the environment, and stands out from the crowd with her salon being 98% recyclable.  We chat to her about circularity in her own life, the salon, and how she juggles it all. 

PALOMA Salon is 98% recyclable and committed to sustainability. Can you tell us more about how you incorporate and encourage circularity, both at PALOMA and in your own life?

Over the years I have changed and adapted to a minimal waste free life in all aspects of my personal + business life. I am more conscious now than ever, whether it means taking my menus paper free at the salon or buying snacks for my sons in bulk to avoid plastics. 

At work all plastic, paper and foil is sold to private recycling companies and recycled! Our country could learn a thing from these guys. It’s so awful to think that only 9% of what goes in our yellow bins actually gets recycled and the rest goes to landfill. Our shower heads at the basin are the most eco, designed to save 60% water, and we use the greenest renewable energy that I pay a premium for to carbon off set it with Powershop energy supplier. All our glassware is from made locally by our guest Maison Balzac, as is our new beautiful ceramic coffee/tea mugs by Porch ceramics in Bondi. I have just naturally because super conscious. 

What are some golden principles you keep in mind when it comes to building your wardrobe?

I usually never buy on the day, even if I LOVE the piece. I really think about it for a while and try to imagine it with other items from my wardrobe. Of course, I shop at brands that love Mother Earth as much as I do. My faves are Maggie Marilyn, Esse, Jacinta James and Artclub. 

One of the charities we support is Look Good Feel Better, who understand the importance that one's physical appearance can have on their mental and emotional health ... is that something you also recognise and nurture at PALOMA? 

Omg of course!!!! That’s a beautiful statement that came out of COVID - getting your hair done is as much for you, as it is for your mental health. 

At PALOMA we exist to make you feel, see and believe in your own value through cut, colour and ritual. 

What have you learned in the process of being vocal about the causes you passionately support?

That I care a lot and that my values are becoming stronger. I have found that my connection with others is more challenging if these values don’t align. 

You make being a female founder, business owner, hair extraordinaire, activist and mum to two beautiful boys look easy. What’s your secret please?!

Ha. I am so passionate about it all. But really when I am not doing all of that, I am doing nothing. I love the art of doing nothing, the slow pace, the yin. It makes it all possible. 

Fill in the blanks: 

People think I’m strong when I’m really sensitive

I like to remind myself how lucky I am.