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A moment with Christina Armstrong, founder of Moss Living.


We chat with Christina about all aspects of life and business, including what sustainability means to her, why she decided to partner with Worn For Good and, of course, what her morning coffee order is.

Founded by Christina Armstrong, Moss Living is an Australian company re-designing the silhouettes of classic wardrobe and home staples. 
Inspired by nature and modern architecture, Christina created this beautiful brand during her travels abroad. Three years into her journey with Moss Living, Christina is now consciously creating exquisite linen clothing and bedding for those who crave culture, warmth, home and heart.

What does your morning look like?
The first thing I do when I wake up is spend some quality time with my fur babies (meaning breakfast biscuits and a morning snuggle if they let me), followed by a first sip of coffee sitting on my daybed in the morning sun. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places so I try to fit in a long beach walk to get the blood pumping before I start my day. After this I take a long beach walk to get the blood pumping for the day. After this it’s either time in the office, packing orders or into the studio to make some ceramics.

Coffee order?
Classic Long Black - always.

Currently listening to?
I’ve been working on a Moss Living Spotify Playlist so keep a look out for that to bring you some soulful smooth tunes. Here are some that have been on high rotation.

Everybody loves the Jungle ‘Tim Love Lee’
Yes Baby Yes ‘Mo’ Horizons
Kalunga Nguma ‘David Ze’
Beautiful Crazy ‘Space Raiders’
Coming Back ‘James Blake’
Take Yo ‘Praise ‘Camille Yarbrough 

Animal Languages written by Eva Meijer

What does sustainability mean to you and your business?

Sustainability for us is producing small quantities of linens. The amount of waste with fast fashion is very unsettling to me and if we are contributing in the fashion industry we need to be more responsible to our planet as well as showing the younger generation of creatives to be aware of producing slow. This is true for all aspects of my brand including my ceramics with all pieces only handmade to order.

Your go-to recipe?
Food is one of my favourite things in life, I love to potter around the kitchen making everything from scratch. With it being Winter I love a slow cook style of cuisine, something that allows the rich flavours to develop - vegetarian only! I personally would love to write a cookbook in the near future. 

Most loved item of clothing?
I love effortless pieces that are long lasting in my wardrobe and I can wear through the seasons. I’m currently wearing on high rotation our beautiful Moss Living Noir Oversized Linen Shirt layered over our Noir Ruffle Skirt. Of course, I always add in my personal favourite Lemuria Set from Silk Laundry. 

Best piece of advice?
Be kind to yourself; be kind to others. Also I feel it’s really important to ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask or even say ‘No’.

Last Netflix series you binged on?
Obsessing over Ozark (haven’t finished yet so no spoilers please)!

What are you currently working on (personal or professional)?
My fiance Matt & I are currently working on a customised lighting collection. We have a love affair with lighting so watch this space. It’s still a WIP though so shhh we can’t give too much away!

Why did you decide to partner with WFG? 

We love that you’re using the fashion industry which is predominantly an over-consumed industry to make a change and a difference. My childhood wasn’t always easy and I was exposed to a lot of challenging situations that a young person should never have to live through so partnering with Children’s Ground really resonated with me. 

If we can give some of our excess stock that’s sitting in our home warehouse to make a difference in the world then we certainly will and we couldn’t be more proud to get to partner with such a pioneering company.