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5 minutes with Kelly Davies-Green, founder of Maurie + Eve


We chat to Kelly about Maurie + Eve's first eco collection, their plans for 2021, and what makes her feel most creative.

Talk us through the journey of Maurie + Eve’s first eco collection, Nature in Balance, and how this became an important milestone for the brand. 

Our Nature in Balance collection was the beginning of a new chapter for Maurie + Eve and an opportunity to show the world we are open to changing and improving. As a business and as a human, it was time to do more. I made it my mission to become a student of sustainability, to learn, connect and evolve. The more I learnt about sustainable fashion the longer my list of goals became.

I now understand sustainability isn’t just about organic fabrications, it’s about creating value in the world, and this includes designing garments that can be worn over and over again.

We know that at times, heading down the sustainability path can be grueling, what are some big (or small) wins that you’ve celebrated on this journey? 

I’m aware of the effects this industry is having on the planet. It’s been inspiring and hugely motivating to watch the consumer – demanding more transparency, honesty and ethical practices from the brands they support. There are plenty of sustainably minded style options, and consumers are actively seeking them out. 

They are open to investing more in pieces that are timeless, cut and created well with consideration for all-seasons and generations to come.

Consumers are spending with greater intention, investing into products that bring comfort and solace - garments that mean something - and we will respond with content that speaks to this. Social stories that bring an element of lightness - a promise of a brighter future - are performing well, as are those that speak directly to the issue at hand. 

Exciting new plans for Maurie and Eve in 2021?  

Farm to closet traceability

When do you feel most creative? 

Late in the evenings or at sunrise … when my house is quiet and it’s just me - good tunes and textured fabric. Also a hot bath!

I look for inspiration both in and outside of the fashion world. My love for the ocean and nature is always part of the creative process.

"What I value is what guides my direction and that is what I envision for the future - that the brand continues to be a true expression"

When it’s legal again, your favourite place to travel to? 

As an ocean lover, Western Australia. This period has inspired me to explore our own, beautiful country.

We had to cancel a trip to Rottnest Island, so we’ll make that the first stop with the kids and travel up the coast of WA - surfing, sunning, living and loving.

I like to remind myself to…

Trust the timing of life 

Choose to evolve, choose love 

Stay true 

What made you feel inspired to support WFG? 

How could I not be?

Fashion industry is inherently geared towards consumerism and disposing of products before their functionality has expired. 

However, I can’t take any joy out of creating garments for single use - I love the idea of your favourite dress that is familiar and comfortable, but still holds its shape and looks good. 

I personally design every piece, working intimately throughout the whole process - there’s too much love and care invested, and to think it has only a short life - heartbreaking. So the chance to be re-worn, loved and appreciated more than once is amazing.

Also WFG profits invest into charities - giving back is feeding the healthy cycle of loving ourselves and we are blessed directl and indirectly.