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WFG Woman. Neada Deters x Deiji Studio


We had the pleasure of talking to the founder of the organic and sustainable skincare brand LESSE, Neada Deters about her biggest learnings as a female founder in business, the advice she would give to her younger self and her most loved thing about being a woman. 

Neada Deters is the founder of the organic and sustainable skincare brand, LESSE. A space created for representation, sustainability and integrity within the skin care industry.

What is something you would like your younger self to know?

From where I am in my life now, I finally understand how much you learn about life simply by living. So I wouldn't want to interfere; each chapter has brought both joy and challenges. I am so grateful for each of those moments that led me here.

The best thing you took with you when you moved to LA? And the best thing you left behind?

I left behind the self-doubt that I spent my 20s attempting to shake off, and moved to Los Angeles with a self-belief I had spent the previous decade working towards.

Biggest learning as a female founder in business?

The disparity between men and women, particularly in leadership roles, is very much alive and real. Women work twice as hard to be heard or acknowledged in any industry— but I'm hopeful things are changing.

Your most loved thing about being a woman in 2022?

I'm not sure that it's specific to this time, but the community and connection between women is something impossible to articulate. 

Neada wears: Deiji Studios Button Up Set in White.

100% of profits from this collection go towards Women's Village Collective, helping women and children rebuild their lives after the floods.