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A moment with Ana Piteria, founder and designer of Blanca + Reliquia.


As the brains (and beauty) behind a conscious fashion brand, Ana Piteria–founder of and designer at Blanca + Reliquia–inherently believes that “fashion can be a powerful tool for expressing individuality and discovering oneself, but also for creating change.” This important ideology forms the basis of what Worn For Good is all about.

What was the driving passion behind creating Blanca + Reliquia?

Both brands were initially developed to fill a gap in my own wardrobe - something I felt must be the experience of others, too. At the time, affordable jewellery that was fun yet timeless didn't exist, and it was virtually impossible to find the perfect oversized shirt! I continue to be inspired by the community this has created, offering them style-forward pieces with a vintage kick. 

When all else fails….

Take time out. Pause to breathe and remember the bigger picture. (It also helps to cuddle the nearest pup). 

Why did you decide to partner with WFG? 

Fashion can be a powerful tool for expressing individuality and discovering oneself, but also for creating change - Worn For Good does exactly that. We are so easily caught up in the cycle of our own lives, but we're encouraged to question that approach and look at things on a larger scale. Clothing is so much more than frivolity!

Your go-to recipe? 

I love to make simple meals that feel impressive regardless of the time spent in the kitchen. Anthea Calderone's Greek-style chicken soup and Carter Were's love-filled pasta recipes always get me through.

Clothing is so much more than frivolity

Favourite way to spend a Saturday night in?

There have been a lot more of these with a baby in the picture (although I wouldn't change that for a thing). Ideally, we'd order a meal from one of our favourite local restaurants or whip up a fresh charcuterie spread, enjoyed with a lovely bottle of natural wine. Lots of cuddles with the bebe before bed, then pop on an easy-watching comedy, and we're set for a relaxing evening on the couch. 

Blanca and Reliquia pieces sold on Worn For Good support Children's Ground.

100% of profits from this collection go to Children’s Ground who walks alongside First Nations communities in the Northern Territory, delivering services across learning, health, economic development and community wellbeing, combining the expertise of First Nations knowledge systems with international leading practice.