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A moment with Carly Warson & Stephanie Korn, founders of Form and Fold.


Always wondered how Form and Fold came to be? Well we asked just that to the founders Carly Warson & Stephanie Korn on how creating their inclusive swimwear brand came to be.

What was the driving passion behind creating Form & Fold?
In 2014 by the water we (Stephanie 32DD and Carly 32E) were comparing our swimwear and laughing about how ill fitting and unsupportive our contraptions were. We couldn’t understand why brands were still discounting women’s curves by offering a limited size range.

We bonded over the exhausting and often dispiriting experience of searching for swimwear that offered our size. Feeling frustrated and exposed, we dreamt of finding a brand that made us feel supported and comfortable.

So, after years of struggling to find swimwear in a market that has long overlooked D+ women, we decided who better to design it than us, the customers. Determined to offer women more than the small and uninspiring selection of ill fitting and unsupportive D+ contraptions, we devoted three years to crafting the perfect swimwear with a focus on smaller backs and a larger bust.

What does your morning look like?
Warm soothing shower to start the day, followed by coffee and a dog walk on our local route the Merri Creek. 

Coffee Order? 
Soy latte, hot in winter and on ice in summer ;) 

Currently Listening to? 
Reggaeton club music! 

Jonathan Franzen, Crossroads

Most Loved item of clothing? 
Balenciaga Le Cagole shoulder bag in white (feel guilty saying that with everything going on right now with the Balenciaga team but thats the truth!) 

What does sustainability mean to you and your business?
Sustainability is at the forefront of every product and business decision. We know as business owners we not only have a responsibility to our customers but also the planet, so we take that very seriously. From the very beginning, our fabrics were chosen based on recycled elements and we knew our office would be as paperless and plastic free as possible. As we continue to grow we are learning more and more about how we can continue to become even more sustainable like other inspiring brands in the business. We are committed to learning and knowing more as our resources grow! 

Best piece of advice? 
Listen to your own advice! 

Last Netflix series you binged on?
The Crown 

Your go-to recipe? 
I think I eat this at least twice a week, crispy roast potatoes! 

I like to remind myself that when you judge something you are just defining your own beliefs. 

When all else fails….(fill in the blanks)
Fried eggs! 

Brands that inspire you? 
Acne Studios 

Podcast recommendation please (one can never have enough..)
Radio Lab 

Daily ritual you swear by to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing?
Dog walks! 

Why did you decide to partner with WFG? 
It was simple! We had stock that needed to be moved and what a better way to move it than with WFG donating 100% of their profits! 

Form and Fold pieces sold on Worn For Good support Children's Ground

100% of profits from this collection go to Children’s Ground who walks alongside First Nations communities in the Northern Territory, delivering services across learning, health, economic development and community wellbeing, combining the expertise of First Nations knowledge systems with international leading practice.