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A moment with Holly Ryan, founder of Holly Ryan Jewellery.


Holly Ryan–the eponymous name given by designer Holly Ryan to her responsible jewellery label–was born from a lifelong love of crafting things from hand, the magic of making something from nothing, the sentimentality held by jewellery, and the love stories that surface as a result. 

What was the driving passion behind creating Holly Ryan? 

A life long love of making things by hand, a celebration of the tactile, the magic of making something from nothing, the joy of creating, the sentimentality held by jewellery and the love stories, the love stories are the best part.

What does your morning look like? 

Roll out of bed and into the ocean at Noosa main beach.


Devotion by Patti Smith

Most Loved item of clothing? 

Probably my rainbow crochet mini dress by All That Remains.

Your go-to recipe? 

A rainbow bowl of veg and salad with a boiled egg, salmon, nuts and mirin dressing.

What does sustainability mean to you and your business? 

Responsible production, circularity, giving back more than you take, promoting circularity, promoting repair and recycle initiatives, respecting our beautiful planet and acknowledging the traditional owners of the land we live and work on.

I like to remind myself that even on the darkest days, the sun still rises. I have a tattoo with this reminder on the inside of my wrist.

The last book that taught you something was? 

The subtle art of not giving a fuck taught me the subtle art of not giving a fuck ;)

Three instagram accounts every fashion lover should follow? 

My fave accounts are Slow Roads, Equator and Kath and Kim.

Favourite way to spend a Saturday night in? 

A glass of wine in the bath, candle lit and rom com on!

What are you currently working on (personal or professional)? 

I just opened my first retail space in Noosa so I am navigating this new chapter for the business professionally and in my own life personally. Both are so intertwined. 

Two women you’re inspired by? 

Patti Smith and Joan Didion.

Why did you decide to partner with WFG? 

Good people doing good things to help others and inspire change for the better.

Holly Ryan Jewellery pieces sold on Worn For Good support Children's Ground.

100% of profits from this collection go to Children’s Ground who walks alongside First Nations communities in the Northern Territory, delivering services across learning, health, economic development and community wellbeing, combining the expertise of First Nations knowledge systems with international leading practice.